Imposing shows… the dawn.

Imposing shows… the winter.

IMPOSING! shows… the sea.

And when it is said "imposing", in these simple events…

.- Simple?... Complex! It’s that they do not distinguish…

.- If they are so complex, why do they not distinguish if it is a party, a holiday, Christmas, spring, cold, heat…? Why is there such a large distance between the arrangements that humanity makes, with its festivals, its rites… - arrangements!-, and the imposing way with which is configured what we call "nature"? That seems -in its immense complexity- to not worry much if we are in Advent, Easter… No!

So you get the feeling that we live in an… alien space.

But who is the stranger?... Of course, us; that have have formed life in sectors, to our favour, but turning the back on the imposing!: defending oneself from it or… denying it, or simply adapting… "in such ways."

And so, when the established and organized passes through the culture, the custom…, when it passes, there is left like a great little vacuum… "Because I didn’t win the lottery, because there was to little nougat... And now, what will become of us?".

As if we had created life, the stars, the galaxies…!

The Praying Sense warns us of the awesome place where we live.

And that, to the extent that we realize its grandiosity -both in the sense that "it imposes", as in the sense of "impressive"- enormously complex!…

It seems as if, from the human point of view, the cycles of the sun, the stars or any other heavenly complex more or less known, were a chance, of what order is not known.

Recently astronomers, astrophysicists, told us, that they have discovered two new immense black holes!, that before were not seen, and that are here in our galaxy.

We don't know very well why they were not seen and now they are, and what complexity this supposes.

 The small conclusion, beneath the direction of the prayer, is…

.- Seeing it like this, so imposing, and knowing of our intelligence, could it be that this imposing complexity is intelligent…? I thought it was there with no purpose!, and I did not know what it was doing or why, or... Well, that it was there!…

.- Intelligent?

.- Yes, like a lettuce!

.- Like a lettuce…? No, man, no! The lettuces are not intelligent.

.- Why not?

.- No.

.- Can we say emphatically that the lettuce is not intelligent? Giving rise to the fact that intelligence is not only of the human style, but that there are other styles.


Or it could be that, in the imposing framework of the life -and this, within a Universe-, could be that our "ego-potential" was really "pufff!, lets see what words, that don’t offend much-… "very common".

.- But if we dominate the butterflies!, if we make silks with the buds, if… if we have satellites... Yes, well!, if…

.- What else?

.- Oh!, yes. If we have robots, aircraft, submarines… and bombs!

.-Aaah! And all that you have ordered, intelligently configured…?

.- Well… Not exactly. No.

.- Don't you have it cleverly prepared: production, consumption, balance, equality, generosity, living together…?

.- Aaaa…  baah... Ssss… No! No, no… that is, just a bit more left. A bit, huh?

.- Ah! And, one thing: How can we live -it is curious; a trick question-… how can we live with these intelligent deficiencies … of injustice, disorder, discomfort, rage…? How can we live in a magma so awesome !, so intricately intelligent? What grace do I have, in the face of this magnificence , to remain?

.- What a question at this time! I don't know… I don't know what to answer with precision. What grace we have to be or remain, and think that we are and we remain by our own capacities, in an imposing Universe, beyond any level of intelligence known to us?

.- Yes. Because, in addition, the other… -"others", I would like to say: microbes, bacteria, viruses, worms, butterflies, centipedes, rhino and such - are organized; they have an organizational intelligence.

But you, humans, not only are not organized but that are damaging, with its credible superior intelligence -"damaging"… well, "bothering"- the complex and imposing intelligence of the Universe in which you live.

And again the question: How are you allowed?

Hence… hence surely came the apocalyptic omens… as God's punishments concerning the disaster of coexistence and balance between our species and the others, and amongst ourselves.

Hence came the idea of… of how is it possible that we are allowed! And then, of course, the system that supports us, at times we are uncomfortable… with some earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, volcano… -to mention the closest things-.

But… will there also be more situations that happen to us, that are not specifically because of our being, living together and sharing?

The praying sense is inclined to say "yes".

And we repeat it again if it has not been understood.

Yes. Usually, when is talked about: [1] "And because you are like that, if I gave you my whole soul, and you make fun of my passion?" -It is a bolero, no?-… Then, to ask why you are like that, why you behave like that, why, why… normally an intelligent scientific analysis is made, and it concludes that:

.- Well, it was an unhappy childhood; an uncle abused her –or him-; in the school they called him short and thickhead and that traumatized him… Then, then they found a girlfriend -or boyfriend- cheating on them with their best friend. And then, of course, since then, they have ups and downs in the humour, the mood… And, well, insomnia…, they need affection… slightly tipsy at times and… Well!, but they are good people, a good person, and… and that is why this… that's why they are like this.

.- Aaah!

This analysis, can be of a different kind:

.- Had a happy childhood, went to a Marist school and they treated him well, had good friends and… and was a great student. The truth is that he made a brilliant career, engineer of canals, ports and mountains, and married a lovely woman -"charming!, an excellent housewife -, had three wonderful children... and, man!, then had a bit of rheumatism and tennis elbow -because he liked the sport. And well, he had… the truth is that he had a difficult mood, strong, right? But I think that happened when he passed through FENOSA -an electricity company- and there… there he must have receive a shock or something. But, well, then discovered that he had lived all day… -or a long time- in a closet, and he came out of the closet. And then, well… But as he came out of the closet in Europe, he became a Hulk; I say no… a… well, whatever! And the explanation of all of this is the natural evolution of sexuality and the consubstantial boredom with excessively maternal women.

.- Wow! What two stories, huh!

 And now comes the awkward question again:

This intelligent, coherent explanation -for our coherence and our intelligence - is… is it really so, or have other imposing instances intervened, sometimes called "gods", "angels", "archangels", "cherubim", "seraphim", "thrones", "powers", "small gods", "goddesses"…? - Buff!, sometimes referred to as this-

That’s it!: Why are as you like you are? Because of how they educated you and as such? Or in addition -without neglecting that, of course-… or in addition to, something more intervened… stunningly in your life, and in that of the other, and the other, and the other, so that we notice something; and, as a result of that imposing intervention, probably "you are like you are"?

 .- Well, but that is a speculation, that it is a hypothesis, it is a theory.

.- Bah!, yes, use the lexicon you wish; you want. It is valid for a human consciousness. But if we dare to think that exists -because of the evidence nothing more- a Creative Consciousness of the Universe, although it cannot be demonstrated beneath our standard intelligence, that would explain  -question; we ask a lot this morning!- would that mean that we do not have this free will and such and such, rather that at a given moment, as if nothing had happened, is intervened, and that Creation intervenes, and it promotes us to see something, to feel something, something happens?; that we, as humanity, immediately -I insist- we metabolize according to our intelligence and say: "Yes; because of this, for this reason, and because of this and this".


We should -warns the praying sense-… we should be consubstantial with the belief, the belief in a Mysterious... -beyond the intelligence- Mysterious Creation; it should be consubstantial with the believer, that intervention in our own affairs - which of us have nothing-.

And perhaps that intervention has marked our position.

And look well: If we assimilate and we assume -from the belief- that option, which we have in theory and "yes, yes, it will be what God wants" , but… in practice this is not the case -except in the despair to complain-, could it be, if we take our belief as it should be -and for that is the Praying Help-, toward the true nature of the Mystery, it would appear that our interpretive methods of what is happening would be very much in the air… before the imposing intervention of "He who embraces us"?

Then it would make sense that saying "Let it be what God wants" .

.- Is not “what" what God wants, it is that "IT IS".

.- And do they not take into account my opinion?, do they not take into account my criteria?

.- Eeehh… It is difficult to answer that question, but he who has followed the dynamics of this prayer could say "maybe not".

.- They don’t take me into account?

.- Maybe not.

.- Then, what it is worth what I think and deduct and interpret…?

.- Man!, it is worth a lot! It is worth a lot. For the swarm in where you are located, it has no value; it is false.

.- False?

Of course, we tend to compare ourselves, intelligently, with living entities that do not give demonstrations of our type of intelligence; and then we feel superior.

We give explanations more or less convincing of a series of phenomena… let's say extraordinary, as the speed of the revolution, of the rotation of the earth, or the changes that occur in the solar storms and… well, we talked about that.

.- And what would happen -it is a question of prospection- what would happen if we took seriously -seriously, as the human being does: " seriously. Take this seriously, please!" -… if we take seriously that there is a constant, imposing intervention! on our capacitates, and that our systems of decision-making and implementation, are too simple to justify our current states? What would happen if you accept that?

.- Is that this is not acceptable!

.- Ok!, but… let's make a prospection, an imagination. What would happen?

.- It would happen that… that: in addition to underestimating our capabilities, we would try to understand what an almighty, what an imposing force us…

.- Aaahh!

.- We would stop to put thousands and thousands of screens to see if we collect signals from extra-terrestrial life.

Now they have caught a radio signal that is 23,000 million light-years away, of a star that was emitting protons or something, and that have just arrived here. And at first they suspected that it was an intelligent signal. They have cast that away and have simply said that it was an “emitting” star.

If we look, also when we explore the near or deep Universe -depends on how it is conceptualized-, we hope that, if there is someone or something, it has to be like us! How can it be!?

We might assume, at the time to pray… that, in addition to our capabilities, come to us influences imposing, omnipresent, of a Creation of Mystery and of absolute lack of understanding on our part.

But that, to the extent that I take on a daily basis -not in the moments of euphoria or despair; "daily"-, the influence –lets leave it like that- imposing, omnipotent, of the Mystery Creator, over each one of us…

It could be that today begins this system! And then, in addition to being able to realize that this is the case, to the extent that I admit it, aaah!… what would I see in others? What would I see in everything that surrounds me?

The omnipotent imposing intervention … of the Mystery Creator.

Yes, of course, that would bring down my personal importance.

But I would see in the other -"the others", understood in this case, now, as my own kind-, you would see in the other humans, in the other persons, you would see… -to a certain extent, of course- that intervention.

It would be impressive!

 IT IS impressive!

.- The fact is that everything seems… everything seems to be responsibility and human affairs!

Yes. From the human perspective, everything seems to depend on us. But does the mother and father -to take a simple example- do they not little by little make the child see, that everything depends on it?

Does it know anything, the boy and the girl, of our work, our effort, our care…? Surely not, right?

Does it know something of what is the cost of the house, the mortgage?

Does it know anything about the history of the family and of the genomics transfer we have given?

What does it know?

But we let it know… that it knows.

And it creates its own world of dolls, soldiers, rifles… And we accustom it to be as we are.

It could be that something like that has happened to us as a species. And we do not realize… that " The imposing impressive ", acts.

Let us take into account, under the direction of the beliefs - at least in those moments, not "critical", but of significance, which mean something to us-… let's take into account that not only we have the answer, intervention, the idea, but that probably we are receiving, imposingly and impressively, an influence that allows us to modulate in such a way.

And if we have this in mind, probably our capabilities would acquire other dimensions.


[1]          singing the bolero



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