The usual consciousness educates us beneath an almost inevitable law: "cause and effect". Effects without causes and causes without effects are not admitted, -for example-. 

In being conditioned in this way to see the events, we always have to have a cause for anything that happens. What happens is the effect, then the cause had to be this, that, the other… And the analysis of what takes place, what happens stays there; it does not go further, except in exceptions. 

The man, in its hedonism -as a species- of explaining the phenomenology of its presence, has remained in this dualism that is later expressed in the majority of the actions: "good", "bad", "high", "low", "light", "dark", etc. 

And despite this, things still happen in where it is difficult to find the cause…

For example, the luck. What causes some people to have much more luck than others? There is -there is in fact already-…  a few years ago in England, began a clinical study, scientific, about luck in health and disease. 

When the theoretical cause is not found, the effect is explained beneath, either the lack of current knowledge, or idiopathic causes -that is to say, it is not known-, or for reasons of an unknown genetic nature. But there has to be a cause.

What if, beneath the direction of the prayer, we did not have a cause…? -as it is understood in our psychic and biological composition-. Because, of course, the plans of the Creation, yes, we could call them "the Great Cause", but the Mystery is so boundless, that it comes out of this concept of cause.

Now, if we want to… -and it is the praying suggestion- if we want to go a little beyond what is dual, we find ourselves with the inductors. Yes, actions or activities that induce "to", but they are not the cause “of”. They induce. And it could be –it could be - that this induction… “I induce you to play a musical instrument". It may be that you end up playing, or not. On the other hand, when there is cause and effect, the cause is producing this effect… if you like it or not. 

The idea of inducing… is like the idea of wanting to switch on something; but something -and here is a different special feature-… something that is going to be "distinct", if it is switched on, in each person. 

You can induce violence, but each one, in being induced into that, is going to give a very different response, when it is induction, than when it is cause

It may seem the same but it is not the same. And I think that, if you think about it a little, you can see that this occurs on a daily basis. We induce "to", they induce us "to", but we still keep the possibility of following this induction… but according to our conformity: to follow it to the letter -although it is not an order-, or not.


Depending on -and this is also significant- our position, one element is cause or induction. For example, money: can be the cause of a downfall, and this makes that the subject only thinks about money; it could be an induction, and it takes into account the money, but one does not live thinking only in money.

We are induced to a religious culture, of religion, but that inducing way, not “causal”, permits us variations and variability.

Perhaps! –perhaps-, everything is an induction and there are no causes. And we have been a culture so gross!, that we have converted, the inductions, into causes, to have it more clear.

Every being is an inductor. And we are surrounded –consequently- by inductions, but evidently, each being responds differently.

In the amplified consciousness, beyond cause and effect, exists modulators, inductors, references… i.e. other words exist of other concepts that liberate us -we admit the word-, liberates us from the slavery of the yes or no…; of cause and effect.

What’s more, if we look at population groups, we see that the answer to a cause, does not always produce the same effect in all the individuals of this population. Not all died of the flu, although millions succumbed to it in that great epidemic; not all died of cholera and the plague. And there was a cause!, but the effects did not affect all.

Probably, in others, -that did not respond to the causes-, that cause converted into an effect, to!... defend themselves -now we explain it from the immunological point of view- “of”…

Why? We do not know. Perhaps it was form of selection, an adjustment of population… which is beyond our understanding.

The praying sense is an inductor, given that, evidently, it does not produce an effect -as a cause- when expressing its ideas, its recommendations, its suggestions… The being is more or less permeable.

Right now –right now!- the induction to get out of cause and effect is being evaluated; and perhaps some are interested, perhaps not… to some yes, to others no…

Look closely at the primitivism of consciousness. It turns out that… subjects meet together in prayer. And the prayer is a means of communication-communion, of a call that the Creation makes, to the being, to show it, to suggest, to tell it.

What is the degree of response faced with the induction? Very light. It could be shocking, maybe, at first… but later… -“later”, which can be in two hours time-, later…

“What was the prayer about…? About the introduction? The…? I didn’t really catch it. At that moment I was tired. I am very happy with cause and effect! With that I defend myself very well! That later… God or whoever, will reward me for something? It’s up to him!, isn’t it?...”

So we start again:

Induced by countless forces, -like that: “induced by countless forces”-, we are subjected to interference fields, which incline our behaviour to “various” decisions or effects.

We are not a binary system: 0-1, 1-0... We are a “multi”-inductor system…

And like this, when explaining the why of a situation -like for example a therapeutic consultation-, we find a multitude of inductor elements, and like this we delete the causal elements.

Because -for example-, if you have a genetic condition -to make it more clear-.

And we say:

-It is caused by an alteration in this chromosome.

-But…  I am under the direction of the praying sense, and I want to see the inductor elements.

Ah, ah! Then we have to go further back:

What motivated that genetic change? The food, breathing, living-together, indifference, selfishness, vanity, radiation, the sound…?

We will probably find that there are a multitude of inductors of small intensity that… if they come together at a particular moment, they can be constituted as “cause”.

The praying sense leads us to the development of our potentials, within the framework of our origin: “The Universe”.

There are no causes. There are… -we could say, to bring it closer-, possibilities, probabilities, luck.

This, if we incorporate it, apparently makes life difficult for us, -right?-, because it makes us look in multiple directions.

How much easier it would be to say: “Ah!, this is for this, this is for this and this is why”.

But, not now. Now I have to… squeeze out more this cause, and discover that this is not the cause; it is… a lot of inductions, modulations, influences, references. Today we are in the induction. 

And he who robs -for example- induces others to steal, but is not the cause, that because one steals, the rest has to steal, but it is an inductor element.

He who respects, induces the respect of others. Not everyone respects him, but...

And knowing that we are inductors, one way or another, and that we are induced: propaganda, marketing, sales, consumption, etc., all this harassment, in itself shows us… that there are no causes; and that the effects can be very different -they are-. 

Like when [1]Hahnemann said that there are “no diseases but sick people”. And we verify that it is indeed the case. There is a pattern that says that, “in the majority of…”. Yes. There is a pattern, but then the variables appear.

And do you know why there is this pattern? Because the consciousness has been encoded in cause and effect. And to tell you the cause: “you have a tumour”, has the effect: “I'm going to die”.

If it was an inductor…

There are people who have tumours, but do not die. Because it is so!... But in the depth of the primitive consciousness, still, -“still”- there is that relationship of tumour-cancer-death. And although we bring all the survivors of the world and show them to someone timid or fearful that has that diagnosis, it will do nothing!, within the law of cause and effect: already it is convinced that the cause will produce that effect. 

This primitivism of consciousness -that does not admit references, does not admit variables-, can be modified by inductions. Hence the important suggestion of the praying sense of today, which induces us to… look beyond the wall; to see and feel what is behind the wall!

-But if there is a wall…

-Yes, Yes. But pay attention, perhaps you hear something of what happens on the other side of the wall.

In the climate of prayer, we are induced to promote our virtues, our capacities, our potential, to be a creative reference… which multiplies our activities in a sweet, thoughtful and liberating way.

Each prayer is an induction that, like the potter with his fingers and the rotation of the clay, moulds the pot; or, as like in the forge, the operator ardently heats the piece, to shape it with blows and leave “it ready” with the water that cools it down; as the cutter that removes the excess… to expose the diamond.

The time of prayer induces us to… the goodness. And with it, each one with its own peculiarity reaches a fresh, cheerful, complaisant, and generous state of living-together.


[1] Samuel Hahneman, homeopathy creator



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