Each passing... is presented as the protagonist of the history of the species: "And before it was like this, and then that happened...". But "long, long ago" it was other way. And as we approach "the now", we consider that this is already too much!

We probably don't realise that our cognitive and developmental capacity for social coexistence has been changing... and, consequently, this change seems to have erased those pasts, which can be considered better or worse, depending on how this present is going.

The ideal would be that we could -and we can- combine, compact this... tricky time, to realise that the past-present-future are constituted in false protagonists which assume leaderships that already happened, that already passed, that were similar... but now, "due to that lack of memory" -time would say- we consider it new, different. Whether it is catastrophic or fantastic. Being is managed in that duality.

The truth is that there are some situations that endure in one way or another, and that can be decided to be "characteristics" of the sapience of this "homo" that represents us.

And so, for example, the violence linked to power... -and we use the religious sentence: "by thought, word, deed or omission"- is there... pulsating. And millennia go by, and it is seen present, and it seems to be an inevitable feature of achieving a viable position in life.

It is true that, along the way, "power-violence" has become more and more "subtle" or "civilised" or... "ordered". But if we look at it in the prejudices, in the sections, in the caste cloisters... we see that there is, in the background, an established violence. As for example in the case of migrants, isn't it?:

Violence, from the most terrible in its passage towards these "gardens of the world" –which is Europe, according to politicians- to the permanence, the stay, the development...

The establishment of "the papers". What...? I'm sure that paper, in itself, never thought it was so important. I mean, no, it never thought: "I'm going to be so important? I'm just a piece of paper!". Well... well, yes. It became so important, and it is so important, that it can define the history of a person's life: his behaviour, his attitude, his work...

Isn't that... violence?

A piece of paper can condemn you or it can "guarantee" you. A piece of paper! With proper writing on it, of course. 

It is a simple example to understand, and to see how the violence of power is structured, insinuated and applied to beings, based on their colour, their origin, their language, their religion...

 Violence of power, so diversified!...

The Praying Call shows us how easily we can harbour, in our consciousness, judgements, condemnations, punishments... in a habitual and natural way. And it is already incorporated as a code: "Ah, if you do this, then... I don't want this anymore". "If I do the other, you won't be able to...".

That power games... violent. And we say "violent", because they have taken as a basis some rules, some customs... and whoever propagates them or promulgates them or...

Could it be -the Praying Call tells us- that it is time to clear out that sustained "violence-power"... that each being exercises on itself and on others in a "natural", "orderly", "logical", "understandable", "comprehensible", "admissible by all" way...?

Because the justification for the use of an attitude of power or violence is endless!

But it is already justified in the conscience and in the law...; therefore, the possibilities to change our attitude are not easy! 

But we can see... -and hence the Prayerful Call- we can see where this point of reference "violence-power" leads us in this case. 

And it leads us to that position that each one adopts as a privileged main role that, adorned by all the laws, norms, customs, etc., by thought, word, deed or omission has an impact on others.

And all this process has it really… –due to, is perhaps why this warning appears- has it really led us to become better, virtuous, cooperative, sensitive...?

Has all this led us to be... compassionate, loving, unconditional, faithful? 

Has all this led us to be able to take on our nature, in all its fullness? 

Or has it rather led us to a greater incidence of the extension of that "power-violence"? 

An extension into our whole presence.

And that it can punish with indifference, with silence, with a look, with a gesture...

If we... -it's obvious, but just to remember it- if we look at the world of life, we can easily justify violence and power, but we can also highlight the confluences, the harmony, the communions, the agreements, the latent uniqueness.

Yes. We can also see that communication, that harmony of needs, is there... present.

And it is seen that, as humanity, we distort it, we make it uncomfortable, we impede it, we hijack it, we dominate it, we control it. Not only with the global vision of... what countries do. No, no, no! We are talking about the day-to-day life of a person, of a prayerful person: who responds with violence, who acts with indifference, who... etcetera.

It is easy to wrap oneself in generality and feel excluded from that... attitude.

Or sometimes -depending to need- to be involved in it, by law, by justice, by...

Really, it becomes terrifying!

If you think about it, the number of times that the being feels uncomfortable, bad, angry, vengeful, etc., because... because the shopkeeper has not served it as expected, or because its child or its partner -or whatever- does not respond effectively and affectively as it was... instituted!, established!.

And this is happening every second.

And if we keep this Prayerful Call in mind, we will be in a position to have another attitude, another disposition, and another position... other than that of stimulus-response, according to established patterns.

Certainly, according to what we have just said: "according to established patterns", how easily and with what ease... -regarding this section on "power-violence"- how easily the being condemns itself!

Yes, because it is already condemned... by its own regulations, laws, customs, arguments. It is already condemned!. All that is needed is signs, facts, circumstances to appear...!

Therefore, the possibility of modifying this condemnation seems difficult. 

As has been said on other occasions: "we are on probation".

And the Prayerful Call is a.... possibility! -seen from the point of view of prominence, of course-. We dare not say that it is something more.

It is an opportunity to get into another position, and not to load and not to have the weapon permanently ready.

It may be different at different times, but it is a weapon, it is justice, it is a condemnation.

Could we stop being condemned? The religions were already propagandising: "If you carry on like this, if you do this, you will be condemned". What they were doing with all this was, precisely, establishing an irremissible condemnation. It was a death trap.

But, in any case, that warning was there; it was just another condemnation manoeuvre. Even leading people to the stake, as infidels, unbelievers, witches, warlocks...; with the popular uproar on top of it all.

That's not how it's done now. No. Now they go to the lawyer, to the judge... or one "takes the middle road"... or something barbaric is done.

But that pinch of condemnation is there! And we are not condemned beings!... We are liberated beings.

Coming to life constitutes a liberation.

Life is not a permanent condemnation; that some people think so, and they commit suicide because their plans have not worked out; and so, they condemn the environment as well, because they end up being responsible for their decisions. It is endless.

And so, it seems that the only option is: "Because of my fault, my fault, it's my great fault", in which case... no decision is made to do anything other than what is already embedded!, established!, compelled by the authority!: of the family, of the country... of whatever authority it may be.

Enough time has passed since that imposture to realise, in consciousness, how, by dint of power and violence in different ways and forms, furrows have been carved in human consciousness that are unlikely to receive seeds.

And it is difficult -if they do- for them to germinate, because it is violated land, because it is ploughed land... that had to be subdued!, that had to be punished!

And now it is rewarded with insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, and nitrogenous fertilisers... -for example-.

The being, as humanity, has not considered its tendencies and its wanderings. 

What has been achieved is considered good. What has been practised is considered good. What never was, but was shown to be the best, is considered good.

It is easy... -yes, easy- easy to realise the convictions we have, the condemned people we have or those we have condemned.

So, it is easy to begin to 'de-condemn' and 'de-condemn' us; to perceive, to tune in, to collaborate, to participate, to live together.

The inner violent power of condemnation and self-immolation must be uncovered, detached. And consequently... the attitude similar or alike towards the environment.

Piety welcomes us, yes. So does Mercy.

Yes. They are words of little amendment, because they come from... Where do they come from? Are they somebody's property?

Of course, we have attributed it to the fact that they are properties of religions, philosophies... No, no.

Piety, Mercy, Kindness are... umbrellas, umbrellas that Creation puts up for us. And they are poured over us so that we can pick up the word, the message and the transformation that will lead us to stop being condemned!, because we are not!

Because we are inhabitants of the Universe. 

Because we are descendants of a Mysterious Creation.

And so, to the extent that Piety, Mercy, Kindness...  exercises in our attitude...

And to do this we have to get rid of what is fixed, established, standardised, normalised, and a long etcetera... Otherwise, we become impermeable and we listen to... "words": "kindness", "mercy", "piety", etc. Bah! They bounce off.

There are -it seems obvious- evolutionary signs that show us, in this case, that this position of "power-violence", exercised in its many facets and developments to which we have come, does not lead us to liberation, but enslaves us even more.

We could say: "We are on time".



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