The future of the creative is unwritten


Tendencies of “doing", that the style of living entails in a daily basis, have a decided influence towards the fast, the immediate...

There is no moderation, calm is hypothetical and... balance, when deciding, is very fragile and leans towards comfort, well-being, security... That slogan of "the quality of life", which is none other than that which seeks to have the salary, the insurance, the income, the possession -no matter if is a lot or a little- and the constant avoidance of any unforeseen event, adventure, creativity or... or anything that is out of the pattern established by "the quality of life".

And this is how the powerful people establish what "quality" is; what is "life": that which is subjected, the one that obeys, the one that does not reply, the one that accepts, the one that does not contribute, that works, that produces....

And evidently, when a different tendency appears... that bets on going on, deciding, committing oneself, seeking the realisation of ideals, projects, creativity, etc., that other tendency implies, at the present time, an effort, a change of attitude.

Effort and a change of attitude carry with it... objectives, which are not those proposed by the quality of life.

The Prayerful Call emphasizes the need to assume the effort, which is the strength that the being imprints to its actions, with the intention of making them happen, contributing, demonstrating, applying...

And of course, this means entering into a certain tension, because the majority -in this special demagogic philosophy of democracy-, "the majority is of the opinion and thinks that the best thing is...".

And of course, the minority fells criticized, pointed out...

Everyday philosophy has become a "dictatorship" of that majority that seeks to have a position –each one at its own level- of importance, of value, of power.

A quota.

A quota of the power of that majority, which is protected by decrees, rules, statutes, laws…

And it seems -it seems- that the majority -the majority- seeks the majority -"the majority seeks the majority"-... to subjugate any minority that has another tendency, another...

Hence the need for an 'effort'.

It does not consist of attacking or defending oneself, but in conviction, intention, conversion -in line with the year's motto- and testify: practising this conversion.

Therein lies the effort. Knowing that the "quality" of life that is going to... venture does not seek security, it does not seek income, profit, triumph. It does not seek challenge or contention. It seeks creative expression and innovative development that involves idealism, a project, and an innovation.

In short, a creativity, an art of living. Not a life consumption.

The Prayerful Call orients us; it orients us towards that development of solidarity, that development of tuning in to balance, harmony. Not with fighting, not against, not with combat... persistently and perseveringly. Exhausting!

This majority of customs, of rules, of obligations, of radicalism, of accusations -well, I think it describes itself, on a daily basis, this quality of life- obviously it will not favour, it is not going to help us play the guitar... or to write a poem... or to paint a wall... No. It wants us to be productive, profitable, obedient, payable.

The future of the established is written even... in the last ashes.

The future of the creative is unwritten; it is discovered every day, learnt every day, admired every moment.

And, fearless, uncertainty is accepted. "And fearless uncertainty is accepted". A complaisant acceptance. An acceptance of harmony, balance, osmosis... but with clear criteria.

Every form of life relies on Providence... as the intermediary vehicle of the Creator Mystery. Whether one is aware of it or not, it is there.

And this detail has special significance, for when the adventure of living is set out... assuming that it is not the majority, accepting uncertainty!... Because the truth finds us, searches for us, although apparently, we are looking for it.

If we get rid of the personal importance of our personal achievements -which, ultimately, is the majority who think so-, we will be living with that uncertainty, but not with the meaning that is usually given to it, but with the creative meaning of the unforeseen, the unexpected, the surprising… Very different!

Knowing... knowing that we are "providentially" assisted, gives us the vigour, gives us the encouraging attitude to exercise ourselves in these projects; knowing how to regulate ourselves with... with that majority of effects. We interact, of course.

Some -that majority- with motivations of power; others -that minority- are motivated to free themselves.

But we are of the same species.

The difference is evident when power is wielded: it needs to dominate, it needs to enslave, it needs to make others think and feel and live as inevitable dependents.

And it certainly succeeds in doing so.

But -beware!- it does not achieve due to the power of its contributions, the power of its violence, the power of its suggestion, the power of its consumption... No. It achieves it based on the renunciation of liberation of the others. It achieves it based on the fear of others. Those others who did not have the conviction, intention, conversion and the daily example.

And power, of course, attain achievements and obtains profits and benefits! Just look at how the economy system works, the... Well, it's obvious, isn't it?

But liberation as an expression of living in harmony and to be synchronized with life, in terms of the Universe, is not possible through power.

Power becomes hegemonic, dominant, egomaniacal, self-centred.

Liberation becomes expansive, diluted, invisible, generous.

We seem to be putting "the good" and "the bad". No, no, no. It is describing how the passage of our species happens.

And it does so, the Prayerful Call, by showing us what are the characteristics in which now we have to be.

But life, before any kind of power appeared, has always demanded for liberation. Any form of life expresses itself freely with the environment... and assumes the vicissitudes and surprises. But it does not renounce its liberating sense, which is being pilgrim nomadic emanating from the Infinite..., which is called to contemplation.

If I assume my origin from the Infinite, and the call to contemplation, the transit that implies -which we call "life"- in the structured... is an exercise in liberation.

Without the proper care for the gifts received; without the consideration of Providence in its maintained gifts; without the liberating consciousness in its persevering intention, it is easy to fall into the vertigo of the solution, it is easy to fall into the comfort of getting comfortable, of the deception of feelings, with reasons, with the established logics of the powers, with the promised securities... with all that, although it is seen to fail -and we are aware of it- it has the strength to insist!...

 So much so that, if you do not pay the necessary attention and effort, you start flirting of comparison, the possibility of achieving, reaching, having....

The force of power in its terminal criteria of beginning and end... permanently wields material evidence.

And, if you are not properly alerted, it is easy -easy!- to fall into reason, logic and typical attitude of submitting to normality...; that, although it is painted as "new", is the one that has been lived, the one that is seen, the one that shows its terrible inequalities, the one that offers us war trays, queues of hungry people...

But that is the audacity of power: that it nevertheless gambles. Because that power is trying to be as a reflection of the image and likeness of... the Creator Mystery.

And even if it fails again and again, it assumes in each attempt the possibility of triumph.

Being liberatingly disposed... from the beginnings, without beginnings!, in the culminations without endings, makes us move with certainty of the permanent contribution of Providence, towards a creative being; of resources.

An art position. Of healthy… art. Yes; that which promotes a healthy permanence... and which will be -among others- a testimony before the powerful.

Living in the co-existence of being... with the infinite liberating sense that makes, from transit, the game towards complacencies.

That is the course the Prayerful Call guides us. That is the course that emanates from the Creative Mystery. That is the course that bubbles within us.






La Oración que realizamos es una Oración que no está circunscrita a ninguna religión. Creemos que la Oración puede ser un instrumento Liberador y Sanador. Y tiene como referencia a la Creación, a las diferentes Fuerzas que nos animan sin entrar en ponerle un nombre u otro. La creencia de que la Oración es un elemento indispensable para nosotros, nos llevó a crear un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a la oración: “La Casa del Sonido de la Luz”, un lugar situado en el País Vasco , en Vizcaya, en la estructura de un caserío. Allí se realizan encuentros orantes y jornadas de retiro.


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