And we are called to pray... with the Faith -yes, with the Faith- that the Creative Mystery lavishes upon Life.

We are called to pray that our consciousness will be amplified as universes that they are, and they do not ankylose in grudges, in memories... or in successes and failures.

We are called to pray so that we become aware that this Faith, from the Creator Mystery towards Life, is expressed through Love, through Loving... And that, in this process, our constitution is a composition, a verse, an imagination... of Faith in Love. It is a special condescension of that Creator Mystery.

We are called to pray... with the idea that our conscience informs and trains us about our environment, about our capabilities, about what we receive, about what we give, about "what we are willing to".

We are called to pray to test our availability.

We are called to pray!... because there is a plan -within the consciousness of human knowledge- there is a plan of Universes that gravitates upon us. A plan in which we are immersed. And even if we know nothing about it, we are called to pray to tell us that it is; it is, even if we don't know it, even if we know nothing about it. But we do know that they... promote us, that they give us the coincidences, that they provide us with the inspirations.

And by "a plan"... it means an infinite project of living.

But humanity is so constrained by its limits, by its conditions, prohibitions, permissibility, and controls... that a barrier has been put up to its ideals, projects, fantasies and imaginations.

We are called to pray that we may be testimonies, samples -humble, small, but tokens-... of quality of life. Quality expressed in our generosity, our willingness, our service, our kindness, our collaboration, our humour... and our expression of love for all we do.

We are called to pray so that, each dawn, we are aware that a vigil of surprises, of novelties, is coming. Surprises and novelties that may go unnoticed. But knowing that they warn us, we are ready to discover them... in the look of a flower, in the sound of a footstep, in the chance of a stumble.

We are called to pray that we renew our vows to develop our capacities. For therein lies our personality, our uniqueness, our singularity our exceptionality, our exceptionality and our extraordinary position.

We are called to pray so that this prayer places us in the right attitude, in the attitude of rethinking, reconsidering, rehabilitating ourselves... towards the projects that must be insinuated already.

Projects that range from small coincidences to big, fanciful thoughts.

We are like the bellows of an accordion, that, when it opens or closes, exhales the breath that, with the keyboard, emits a sound: from the greatest in expansion, to the sound that fades away in contraction. A ball of the breath of life, that sounds.

We are called to pray to discover our sound.

If "in the beginning was light and sound", light seems blinding to us, but sound becomes closer to us. What is my sound? How do I sound?... What kind of sounds do I perceive from others? What is the silent sound of the plant... or of the cloud?

Yes, the Praying Sense takes us into spaces and perceptions that, in principle, seem neither applicable nor realisable. Forget it! What is significant is to feel it, to perceive that project, that idea, that detail. Then it will be 'embodied'... and will be imprinted in a gesture, in a word, or in an attitude of res-pect.

They call us and call us. And in our structure, we identify consciousness as that which reminds us daily of "the pending". It reminds us daily of "the forgotten", the selectively set aside.

That Prayerful Call knocking at our door of consciousness.

And when it knocks, and we open the door, it seems that no one is there. And certainly "someone" is not. It is... the softness, it is the crystalline, it is the welcoming, it is the limpid, it is that which envelops to protect, without defending itself and without attacking.

It is -what comes in when we open the door- a breath of freshness, a breath of enthusiasm, a halo of confidence towards our position. What comes in is something that believes in each of us.

That initial Faith, that confidence.

And every time we open the door to the Praying Call, a subtle but evident enthusiasm of hope promotes us, stretches us, takes us towards those impossibilities that beings set for themselves. And with that hopeful Faith, it shows us that our breath... our healing, creative breath, is limitless. It gives us the subtle and rigorous consciousness of an ever-present possibility; of a possibility that dilutes frontiers, that disregards articles and... those truths that become limited and limiting defenders.

They call us to pray to remind us once again that "only a word is enough ‘to’...". And also, to tell us: "your faith has saved you...".

Yes, just like that: haltingly. To leave an empty space, and we do not do not appropriate or fall into the temptation of saying that these fruits are ours.

The fruits of Faith and words... do not belong to us. But we have been given the privilege of being intermediaries of them.

We are not the fruit, but we can enjoy it. We can eat it. We can feel it.

And in consciousness, with our smallness, our infinitude... we are in the frequency of showing and showing ourselves in our contributions, based on those "endowments"... those endowments of Love with which we have been anointed.

It makes us see that we are carriers of goodness... without pay!

And due to this "looseness", goodness happens... and becomes fertile.

We are in a transit of life in which we perceive the need for the transparent and conscious contribution required by the need.

We are in a position to mediate the unhinged.

To make kindness a discourse of respect... that allows us to listen and to listen to each other.

The pain of the species cries out for a compassionate, generous, willing, respectful remedy. That remedy that is embodied in presence, in letter, in word, in substance.

But knowing that we are a remedy of consolation, faith and hope, through the expression of our realisation, is something that must beat strongly, now!

Something that shakes apathy, insolence, the disdain with which life is led.  Because at the same time of going like this -in general-, it demands, it asks the air... that the wind carries the plea for the remedy to appear.

We are Remedies. You must never forget.

Let us not seek, in other intermediaries, the true intermediary that is oneself.

We are means, recharges, storage, watering and graces... of liberations. Liberations that imply, in consciousness, feeling the universe created, loved and maintained.

"Universe created, loved and maintained".

In Loving, we are in tune. By tuning in we are permanently renewing ourselves. And so, we are attuned to the Creative Mystery that pours out towards others, and others towards us...

Precise is... the imagery that imagines us, that gives us the magic of seeing what is not seen, of smelling what is not smelled, of hearing what is not heard, of tasting what is not tasted, of touching what always caresses us.



Den bön som vi utövar är inte begränsat till någon religion. Vi tror att bön kan vara en befriare och ett helande instrument. Vår bön hänvisar till skapelsen, till de olika krafter som uppmuntrar oss utan att gå till ett specifikt namn eller trosuppfattning. I tron att bön är en väsentlig faktor för oss, har vi skapat en plats dedikerat uteslutande till bön: "Huset ljud av ljus, i Vizcaya i Baskien, norra Spanien. Här möts vi dagligen i bön och spirituell retreat .


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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