And the events are reduced to... tensions, worries, fears, insecurities, despair.

And in this state of being, the being "de-souls" itself... and arms itself.

It is armed with complaints, violence, outrage... and it is de-souled of tenderness, kindness, generosity, dedication.

What is with soul, which gave rise to the loved, becomes armed, which gives rise to arming and arming and rearming... contemplating as the only way out the power of the economic weapon, which is helped by the demand, with enough violence to establish a command.

Thus, a coexistence of powers is made... of infinite ranks. And, except for the most ostentatious ones that can be seen, the rest is everyday life: what has become a human jungle, which is far from being a jungle of life.

The Prayerful Call insists on the perspective of what is happening; it insists on everyone’s participation; it insists on being aware of the manoeuvres that, by being general... -of power, of domination-, are considered normal.

The Creator Mystery is absent, in the daily consciousness of security, profit, competition, and claim...

The Painful becomes necessary to understand and comprehend. Suffering becomes essential in order to evaluate. Thus, presence, being, lacks calm, tranquillity and empathy... and each being becomes in competition with another.

Competition on comparisons, on privileges, on profits, on possessions.

Everything seems to be known. Everything seems learned. Everything seems to be understood. And everything seems to be unchangeable.

Thus, life becomes the monotonous rent -"rent"- of every day.

Lives are souled... and thanks to this they remain; while the being makes them armed, and thinks that thanks to this it survives.

It is necessary to discover oneself daily in what is proposed, in what is said, in what is expressed, in what is shown.

Discover oneself in the texture of a veil, in the transparency of a mist, in the foam of a cloud.

Discover oneself in the smile that does not claim.

Discover oneself in the service that does not demand.

Discover oneself in feeling intermediate.

Discovering in the need to be, daily, a drop of goodness.

Discovering oneself in not being an obstacle, but a bridge of softness…

And that restlessness... and that restlessness becomes vibrating in the soul, in words that express our deep gratitude for the experience of living... and let the complaint of everyday discomfort go.

If we contemplate the art of living with humility and submission, we will continually have -"continually"- reasons to increase new reasons that drive us to believe and to creativize our course.

Duality lurks with its doubt, and indecision overwhelms with its urgency.

The time of [1]"H" has arrived: those silent ones, which are the basis of an anonymous work that does not claim prominence, that does not demand applause, but whose wake is evident.

Yes, from the complicit silence, rescue and recover the innocence of life; rescue and recover the sublime ignorance: that which is amazed by everything.

Feeling worthy... to express oneself, to listen, to show oneself.

Daring, without fear, to assume the light that we carry; to follow the path of the light that projects us, and the lights that guide us, to make of living an unusual, unique event.

Leaving behind the stagnanted, the despised, the inadequate, what was considered improper, and not to carry it as a result of living.

We are called to pray to recreate our beliefs.

We are called to pray for the creed to be represented, expressed, and shown.



[1] ”H”, is silent in Spanish: it is not pronounced


Den bön som vi utövar är inte begränsat till någon religion. Vi tror att bön kan vara en befriare och ett helande instrument. Vår bön hänvisar till skapelsen, till de olika krafter som uppmuntrar oss utan att gå till ett specifikt namn eller trosuppfattning. I tron att bön är en väsentlig faktor för oss, har vi skapat en plats dedikerat uteslutande till bön: "Huset ljud av ljus, i Vizcaya i Baskien, norra Spanien. Här möts vi dagligen i bön och spirituell retreat .


“La Casa del Sonido de la Luz” ARGI DOINU ETXEA se encuentra en la localidad de Ea, Vizcaya. Un espacio abierto para los alumnos de la Escuela Neijing, los cuales pueden realizar estancias de 1 a 5 días.


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