The Prayer Call promotes us towards harmony with all living matter.

And in the beginning –without such a beginning existing, but as a form of understanding- this harmony is made in the species itself, to then discover the evident, necessary and essential harmony with the environment, which encompasses what is not strictly human.

Tuning in involves entering into a common feeling. A common feeling of... support, help, solidarity, aid, protection... and that long etcetera that co-existence entails.

And surely, in that state of harmony to which the Prayer Call takes us -and listening-, in theory there is agreement: it is agreed that it should be this way. But it is also evident that this is not what is happening, but rather, on the contrary, each being seeks its harmony with some other being -or more- but rejects, fights with others who are not of their lineage, locality, customs, religions, etc.

Maybe... maybe we were wrong when it came to that common feeling.

And if we started from Cain and Abel, obviously no... there was no common feeling, neither in Paradise nor after, but rather the opposite.

But, nevertheless, the fact that the species -human living matter- is social, and requires each other, although they establish important unsupportive differences, without common sense, could be a mechanism or an evolutionary process.

"It could". But it is taking... -for this human living matter- very long.

And the equivalent of an unsupportive, derogatory and prejudiced second can be equivalent to hundreds of years of its elimination.

So, on the one hand, there is “intellectually correct”, due to our capabilities, and the sentimentally sectarian, on the other.

And as a universal example, it would be, that intellectually correct, “Human Rights Law” –in which human rights exist. But, sentimentally, rights are crooked: “human crookedness”.

And there is no need to prove it; It's... so obvious!

But at the same time, the intellectuality tries to achieve, to improve.

In reality, it is a process of rapprochement between the felt and the intellectual, between wanting and loving, between feeling and thinking. We can find duality very easily.

This duality leads us to a racism that goes from the most –we would say- “primary”, which is species racism: of the male species, with racism towards the female species.

That doesn't have to be proven either. It is obvious.

And it seems that one thinks, and the other feels.

Although in reality both think and feel, the predominance of one faction over another, in the beginnings of a sexed species, makes harmony and reconciliation even more difficult.

And given this disproportion, the felt seeks the mental: to develop in the mental; and renouncing, partly, “the felt”. And the mental aspect of the masculine becomes more powerful, and places “the felt” in the space of slavery; of a hidden slavery, of course!, fundamentally linked to reproduction, which is – and is later used- as another form of domination. And also linked to entertainment or pleasure.

That's there.

And the Prayer Call calls us to that first point that is usually avoided or assumed to be resolved, and we move on to other points such as... industriousness, comparison, equality... But if the former is not resolved! How are we going to tune in to the environment, if there is no harmony, there is no feeling of solidarity in the human living matter itself? And even more, to encompass this situation and enter into other perspectives. Other perspectives of harmony such as those that occur in prayer...; that the species, over time, has established as religions.

And consequently, it is a new sectarianism. Because each religion will establish a form or link of harmony with the Unnameable; and obviously all the wars and dramas that have been created and are created under that... signal.

And for current samples, more than present, there is the moment of that dramatic conflict between Islam and Judaism. And notice: the harmony of each one is now conditioning a moment of calm, a moment of ceasefire, for the arrival of the time of Ramadan.

The so often proclaimed by us "the need for prayerful harmony between religions", as an essential process to transcend our sectarianism, is the reason to raise possibilities, now, of a ceasefire... an exchange of prisoners for kidnapped people... Good. What we know in propaganda.

Then there is a significant influence on political, social, customs consciousness...; let's call it what we want, but it is there and, to some extent, within its clumsiness, it suggests to us the sentimental need to transcend our convictions and leave them in a daily and flexible procedure. And not turn them into a hammer and punishment, persecution and drama.

And possibly –in rational logic- at the beginning of this so-called “human”, sapiential form, the being tried to tune in with the invisible, with the intangible: which gave the miracle of sowing, hunting, breathing, resting, qualifying us to perform...

We can resort to studies of palaeontology, anthropology... and other "logies" of wisdom, to affirm that this was the case.

But why didn't that transcendence remain? Even if it was known that light produces photosynthesis, light is photons that... blah, blah, blah, blah. That... why should that override the harmony with the Mystery, with the Creative Mystery? If that, that explanation of any phenomenon that we theoretically know depends on other invisible stages, such as the mere presence of our planet in a place, subject to influences that we are unaware of.

So, if we were consistent with searching for that harmony of feelings, of mysteries, of harmony of species -of sexed species-, without predominance, and with what is so much vaunted now, of equality...

Another error.

The Creative Mystery made each of us different. And the magic of life lies in the harmony of differences, in the synchronicity of one and the other, not in equality! Attraction is elaborated between differences. The creation of new perspectives is elaborated between those who are different. Discovery is established through differences. And, consequently, those who are different do not have to confront each other, but rather have to find the synchronism that unites them. And thus, infinite biodiversity is generated.

If, on the other hand, we enter into that perspective that everything is equal, that everyone is equal...

Not as a claim anymore. No longer as a species claim, but as a sentence: “No, everyone is equal, everyone is going for the same thing, everyone is going to win, everyone is going to take advantage, everyone is going…”. No.

This species egalitarianism leads us to vulgarity and separates us from the exceptional.

And it forces us to repeat the possible, and takes away our vocation to live the impossible, which is the extraordinary, the exceptional, the singular.

We could say that in our heartfelt syntonic vocation is harmony with oneself, harmony with the sexed, harmony with the transcendent, the invisible, as a way -at a didactic level- of learning and discovering a trinity... which allows us to abandon competitive duality.

Yes; that is one of the practical elements of the Mystery of Three, of the Trinitarian.

Yes. To the extent that the transcendent is introduced in this case –the “beyond reason and feeling”, the “transcendent”-, duality is diluted. Already it loses its meaning; its meaning in terms of where and how it develops. And it makes feelings and reasons reconcile in a transcendent unity.

Perhaps all of this can remain in well-arranged and well-assembled words!... which is why you have to assimilate it instantly or repeat it several times, for a long time, to overcome that tendency of “this is how it is... this is so...”.

That trill that accompanies all beliefs is not usually practiced as we hear it now, which is what dissolves the leap to Three. As Lao-Tzu already said: “One creates the other, and the other creates… and that is all that exists”.

It could be said the other way around: “Everything that exists is expressed in duality and in each being. And that does not imply confrontation, but rather it implies diversity, differentiation”.

The Prayer Call promotes us, propels us towards that trinitarian experience in which what is felt and what is thought do not compete; They merge into a transcendence, feeling needed, perhaps guided by that invisible presence.

Perhaps now, now that we "warn ourselves" that we [1]are seconds away from disappearing, like the threat of threats -which, on the other hand, although they may seem distant and the seconds are hundreds of years, they are there-, we feel and live that we want to continue, that our nature invites us... invites us to continue, not to disappear, although in that passage, important beings are erased from that journey, perhaps because they have not known how to converge in those dualities; because they have not known how to attune themselves  in this Mystery.

We could say prayerfully –and with it, intimately- that if we are seconds away from disappearing under the cruel offense of ourselves, we are “infinitely” away from developing harmony with Eternity, with the Creative Mystery, with states of consciousness that take us to other dimensions.

Perhaps that is why we say “everything remains to be done”: because what is done tends to disappear, to be destroyed.


[1] In 2024, the Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists –creator of the Doomsday Clock in 1947– has placed humanity 90 seconds away from the “apocalypse”.



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